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How Kickboxing works for weight loss

An article outlining some of the reasons why Kickboxing is great for weight loss.
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Most popular modern fitness and weight loss programmes have elements that are based on fighting arts. Generally these are taken from kickboxing because of their easiness to learn with many of the punches and kicks being quite natural body movements.

Like many martial artists, kick boxers have to be in great shape to be successful in tournaments or fights. While kick boxing and other martial arts classes are great for conditioning, a lot of people can feel put off or be intimidated by the level of physical contact in the classes. Different clubs teach light contact or full contact techniques and there are cardio kickboxing classes where all techniques are done to thin air.

A good school will give the student a choice whether they want to spar or not or run separate fully supervised sparring classes.

A typical kickboxing class would include the following :
The Warm up - Light stretching and aerobic movements.
Techniques in lines - Practice punches and kicks to thin are under the instructors command.
Pad work and Kick shield work - Routines to develop speed and power
Grading syllabus - Many kickboxing clubs have a belt system.
Sparring - Done with full protective equipment.
Strength and conditioning - Exercises such as abdominal work for example.
Cool Down - Easy stretches to bring the heart rate back down.

Some common questions answered :

What age do you have to be to start?
Kickboxing classes are available to all ages and sexes. Men, women and children all benefit. Many clubs run children only classes, where the emphasis is on a fun way of learning but perhaps without the more technical side to the sport though still teaching discipline and self defence. Check with the club as age ranges may differ. In addition some clubs run ladies only classes and one on one tuition.

How fit do you have to be?
All potential new students are generally treated as unfit. Although people may come from other martial arts disciplines or sports i.e. running or football but because kickboxing more or less uses every muscle in the body, you can still feel the 'all over' body workout kickboxing gives and requires them to be able to participate in the sport. As kickboxing is a very easy martial art to learn, you will find a very big increase in fitness, strength and flexibility in a very short time.

Many students even report weight loss over a matter of weeks. Most kickboxing clubs will encourage their students to work at their own pace and to their own ability with the instructor guiding them carefully through the classes.

Often only a small adjustment is made by the instructor for a particular technique that the student may be having difficulty in executing, otherwise they may think that it is physically impossible to achieve. Correct technique uses less energy than poor ones of course.

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