Do You Know The Elements of a Golf Swing?
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August 28, 2008 02:31:53 AM
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Golfers should have a mental check list of some of the basic elements of the golf swing before attempting a shot. The golfers body alignment relative to the target is the first basic element. To do this, stand about 5 to 10 feet behind the golf ball. The golf ball should form a straight line with yourself and the intended target. Pick out some targets on the ground to help guide you such as a shadow, tuft of grass, leaf, or whatever you can find. These should be a short distance in front of and behind the golf ball that give you a straight line with you, the golf ball, and the target you are aiming at. As you get into your address position over the golf ball, keep that line on the ground to the target in your site.

Align the club face behind the ball, with the center of the club face on a direct line between the two ground targets you have selected. Grip the club with just enough tension to keep it from slipping in your hands throughout the course of the golf swing. Align your feet on a parallel plane with your ground targets, shoulder width apart, and the knees slightly bent. The front foot should be pointed slightly outward, toward the target, to allow your hips to flow freely through the swing.

Step 3 of the golf swing is the set up, otherwise known as addressing the golf ball. In this step of the golf swing, you want to keep your back comfortably straight with your upper body bent at the hips towards the golf ball. The arms should hang tension free in front of your body to grip the golf club, also in a tension free way. Keep your shoulders parallel with your line to the target, as are your feet. This line is defined by the ground targets you picked out directly in front and behind the golf ball forming a line to the target. Tilt your head down toward the ball and ALWAYS keep your eye on the back of the ball. This is where you want the club face to contact the golf ball.

This element of the golf swing is the back swing or take away. Your back elbow should remain closely tucked to your ribs as you slowly take the golf club back. The golf club should remain on a straight line along the plane of your alignment toward the target on the ground. The front arm should remain straight throughout this part of the swing and always keep your eye on the back of the golf ball where you want the club face to impact the ball. This back swing motion should instinctively place your chin into your front shoulder. Your hips should stay still and tilted a bit, while your front knee will turn in. At the top of your back swing, your wrists should cock a little. This allows for a more powerful down swing and more distance on your golf shot.

The down swing involves bringing the club down toward the ball. You will uncoil your wrists and start shifting your weight toward your front foot. With gravity helping, your down swing is where you can generate force and speed. Never take the club face off of your target line. This defines the swing plane. The club face should strike the back of the ball first, then continue on through the arc of the swing. This will result in the club taking a divot out of the ground, just past where the golf ball initially was sitting. Continue the swing on past the second target you picked out just in front of the golf ball.

The final element of the golf swing is the finish. This will be the completion of the golf swing and end with a high follow through of the golf club, like you see professional golfers when they hold their pose after a golf shot. The golf swing should naturally rotate the hips toward the flight of your golf ball heading toward the target. Your weight should be mostly on your front foot now. Admire the flight of the golf ball as it sails toward the intended target.

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