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SportIndexer Listings

    Why is my business listed, when I have not submitted it?
  • From time to time, we include websites and businesses that we consider of a high enough standard and/or contain useful information for sports enthusiasts and the sporting community.
  • You may be using a third-party submission or SEO service that has submitted your information to us. If this is the case, then Link Owner field on the details page of your listing will show who this was submitted by. If this is the case, we encourage you to contact us, so that we can amend the listing owner accordingly, otherwise anyone attempting to contact you through SportIndexer, will be sending a message to the original submitter.
    What listing options do you offer and how much do these cost?
  • We offer several listing options, with prices ranging from free upwards. Please see our listings page for full details.
    How long does it take for my submission to be reviewed?
  • We will generally review your submission and provide you with a response, either accepting or denying your listing within 48 hours, often much sooner. However, certain listings, such as article submissions, will take longer to review, due to the research undertaken to ensure the originality and quality of the content. There are rare occasions, usually beyond our control, whereby a review could take longer.
    Can I get my listing removed from SportIndexer?
  • Of course. If you were the original submitter, all you have to is drop us an email from the address that the submission was originally registered to, or log in and go to 'my links' and mark you site for removal.
  • If you were not the original submitter then please look at the details page for the listing. If no owner is assigned, then either contact us via the form on the site, or drop us an email giving us as much detail of the listing as you can and if possible, your reasons for wanting it removed.
  • If the listing has been assigned an owner, you will need to contact them, as they would have been the person who made the original submission. You can do this through SportIndexer, by clicking on the 'Contact' listing button that is placed on the details page of the listing itself.
      Why do you require a postal address?
    • Postal addresses are purely voluntary. However, we highly recommend that a postal address in connection to your business is provided. This will enhance your listing and also provide a more accurate rendering of Google maps on your details page.
    • Please note, that in some cases, even the provision of a correct address will not render Google maps correctly. This is completely beyond our control and is due to the way address and location information is parsed on the Google servers.
      Why are your standard listings free?
    • Our site is funded through advertising and marketing exposure. Throughout the site you will see third-party advertising and sponsorship which enables us to offer our standard listing at no charge to you.
    • You may then ask, then why to our paid listings also include third-party adverting: Quite simply, without advertising, the charges for our premium listings would by much higher, just like a magazine would be if it contain no advertising of any kind. The benefits of our premium listings are that you some enhanced features and front page exposure on a rotational basis.

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